Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reading 1 -

GLIT 6727  

Foundations of Literacy Learning I                                                    

Julia Blushak



MacGinitie, Walter

The Power of Uncertainty

Journal of Reading


ISBN/ISNN: 0872071227

Publisher: Newark, Del: International Reading Association

Pages: 677-679




Personal Response


-the notion that uncertainty is a groundless place or the place to plant something, anything

-who says this or that or how much?

-it is the place that can swallow you or the place that embraces all that can be


-this is a principle that must be befriended early in life

-how can one give or encourage another to remain open to uncertainty?

-what footing or what kind of pivots exist that can shift, change weight or attitude in one’s mind to allow

for discovery, reaching out or reaching in to facilitate a new understanding?


-I used to see courage as essential before taking a step into faith

-and then faith can act as a talisman to offset fear, attract hope

-but our culture does not rest on talismans or ideologies as it once did - parent to child systems are not

as coded or structured


-what kinds of behaviour/personality/systems are nurtured to strengthen one’s approach towards

growth/learning/living with uncertainties?

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